Seminario “Diálogo entre investigación y políticas públicas"

Expertos internacionales, locales y hacedores de políticas discutirán retos del desarrollo en el Perú de cara al bicentenario, alrededor de cuatro temas prioritarios: desarrollo infantil temprano, educación, informalidad y la economía política de las reformas. Transmitiremos en vivo las sesiones inaugural y de clausura.

International Seminar "Towards 2017 Census. Challenges of self identification"

On September 21-22, policy makers, researchers, international cooperation officers and opinion leaders will discuss statistical visibility in censuses and the national statistical system.

On the way to an inclusive and sustainable development in Latin America

GRADE and IEP gather the most relevant and valuable from each presentation, intervention and comment of the 2014 seminar. An invitation to think over the social issues affecting our region.

Breaking the cycle: stop the violence against children

With the support of the Bernard van Leer Foundation, we launched a children violence observatory that generates, manages and disseminates information on this problem through official data visualisation, national and international studies, interventions and current legislation.

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