GRADE long course: Evaluation for Development Programmes

Through 4 thematic modules, the student will learn theorical, applicative and methodological tools to understand, analyze and conduct evaluations for development programmes. Registration begins on Monday, November 14, 2016.

GRADE wins the Premio PODER to the Peruvian Think Tank of the Year

Our center also won as best Peruvian Think Tank for social policies. The prize, held by PODER magazine and On Think Tanks, aims to reward the good research and communications work of Peruvian think tanks to inform public and private policies.

GRADE joins the 2016 Evidence Week

We co-organize two panels; one for discussing lessons from the ELLA Programme (October 17th), and a second one on three experiences from GRADE (October 19th). Also our researchers will join a panel held by the Ministry of Education (October 18th).

Policy Dialogue: all presentations and reportage

To review the social-fiscal agreement and to move forward into human capital development were the two major duties for improving productivity in Peru exposed to Prime Minister Fernando Zavala during the closing session of Policy Dialogue Seminar. Soon we will post videos and rapporteurs.

Breaking the cycle: stop the violence against children

With the support of the Bernard van Leer Foundation, we launched a children violence observatory that generates, manages and disseminates information on this problem through official data visualisation, national and international studies, interventions and current legislation.

Visit FORGE's website and fan page

Find out the project objectives and main lines of action; its seminars, discussions and presentations, which often bring together policy makers and researchers on education, held at GRADE and other institutional spaces; and download documents and publications on educational issues.