Reportage from the ILAIPP II Regional Conference "Innovation and Quality in Education"

The two days conference brought together nearly 200 participants from 13 countries for discussing research reviews and comparative studies on innovation and quality in education in Latin America.

Reportage from the 17th GDN Annual Global Development Conference

Nearly 400 participants attended the event, over two days. Fifty four countries were represented, and 56% were female participants. The conference received much tribute from both participants and stakeholders, as well as significant media coverage.

GRADE 35th anniversary conference

'Since its inception, GRADE has tried to carry out rigurous academic research with policy implications', explain Miguel Jaramillo at the closing event. Later, Juan Pablo Silva (MINEDU), Carolina Trivelli (former MIDIS) and Carolina Robino (IDRC) gave their thoughts on the paradigm of evidence-based public policies.

FORGE's Website

Find out the project objectives and main lines of action; its seminars, discussions and presentations, which often bring together policy makers and researchers on education, held at GRADE and other institutional spaces; and download documents and publications on educational issues.

Breaking the cycle: stop the violence against children

With the support of the Bernard van Leer Foundation, we launched a children violence observatory that generates, manages and disseminates information on this problem through official data visualisation, national and international studies, interventions and current legislation.

GRADE's repository: open access to our publications

This repository shares to the academia, policy makers an general public each issue of our institutional series published since 1980. GRADE's repository is linked to Alicia, Concytec's national repository.

Inclusión Social: Diálogos entre la investigación y las políticas públicas

Studies presented by our researchers at the "Cambios Institucionales para un Estado más inclusivo" International Seminar, held in July 2012.

On the way to census 2017

We share the digital platform of the "Nuevos dilemas en el análisis y seguimiento público de la desigualdad étnica en el Perú" project, carried out by GRADE and funded by Ford Foundation. This channel makes available academic resources and news related to an ethnic point of view in data public systems as surveys and census.