Cueto, Santiago; Alejandra Miranda y Juan León (2016). Education trajectories: from early childhood to early adulthood in Peru. Oxford: Yourg Lives.

Since the late 1960s, every President in Peru has proclaimed education to be a high priority. Yet, arguably, results have been poor and unequal. This paper analyses recent trends in education in Peru to raise what we consider are the main challenges to moving forward, and provides policy suggestions. To do this, the authors take a dynamic view of the educational evolution of two cohorts of children from around the country that were born in around 1994 (Older Cohort) and 2001 (Younger Cohort). Researchers use the Young Lives dataset, which allows us to follow these children at several stages of development and compare results across the two cohorts at the same ages. This is complemented by studies produced with the Young Lives dataset and others.