Soft skills, occupational decisions and use of credit among microfinance clients

Areas : Employment, productivity and innovation
Researcher/s in charge : Martin Valdivia
Other researchers : Verónica Frisancho, Emilia Palacio, Suzanne Duryea, María Cristina Gutiérrez
Execution time:November 2017


This study proposes working with the clients of the Financiera Confianza (FC) Word of Women (PDM) program in order to identify support alternatives that allow them to adjust their occupational decisions, improve their income generation capacities and, consequently, increase their effective demand for financial services.

An open question in the recent literature is the role played by the soft skills both in the employability of people and in the development of improvements in productivity and profitability of their businesses. Through an alliance with the International Youth Foundation (IYF), an international leader in the development of soft skills training, the study aims to fill this gap.

Using an experimental design, the study aims to measure the effect of this type of innovation on training on: (i) the income generation capacity and well-being of microfinance clients and (ii) the retention rate of the program of microfinance and the amounts of savings and loans.