Does the school reproduce inequalities? Segregation between classrooms

Areas : Education and learning
Researcher/s in charge : Jostin Kitmang, Nicolás Domínguez
Other researchers : Gonzalo Manrique
Execution time:October 2017


Most studies have focused on explaining the gaps in educational outcomes addressing differences between schools. However, little has been done to observe the differences within the same school, while the empirical evidence shows that the differences still persist there.

This study aims to study how the practice carried out by some schools to separate students between classrooms based on their academic performance affects and influences the results and perceptions of students and intensifies educational gaps. A hierarchical linear model is used to identify the effects of the practice at the school level and the effects of the environment at the classroom level.

The hypothesis argues that this practice would benefit groups with higher performance but it will be harmful to the rest, due to the loss of the effects of positive peers by having both high and low performance students in the same classroom.