[2014] CUETO, Santiago; LEÓN, Juan e Ismael G. MUÑOZ. “Educational opportunities and learning outcomes of children in Peru: a longitudinal model.” En Michael BOURDILLON y Jo BOYDEN. Growing up in poverty: findings from Young Lives (pp. 245-268). Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan; Young Lives.

This collection brings together the latest evidence from Young Lives, a unique international study that focuses on children and poverty – particularly how poverty affects their development and their lives as children, and how children and their families respond to poverty. It shows how the persistence of inequality amid general economic growth is leaving some extremely poor children behind, despite the promises of the Millennium Development Goals. While schooling has become widespread to the extent that almost all children attend school, at least for a while, children from disadvantaged backgrounds often are left behind. Changing values, such as the growing belief in school education as a route out of poverty, raise questions about how children’s early circumstances and experiences, and the choices they make, affect their later outcomes and well-being in adolescence and early adulthood.