Impacts of the Juntos Program on women’s empowering

Areas : Ethnicity, gender and citizenship, Poverty and equality, State reform and public institutions
Researcher/s in charge : Lorena Alcazar
Other researchers : Maria Balarin
Execution time:October 2014


The study seeks to contribute in the identification and analysis of the impacts of the Juntos program on the empowering of beneficiary mothers. Specifically, it suggests to analyze impacts on beneficiary mothers receiving the cash transfer (and responsible for compliance of the conditions) in terms of their empowering understood as decision-making level in the management of household resources, gender ideology (opinion, desires and rights, including gender violence matters), self-respect and changes in their financial or labor situation.  In order to achieve its purposes, the study complements statistic and econometric quantitative methods with qualitative field work.  The funding provided by Partnership for Economic Policy (PEP) complements the Think Tank Initiative (TTI) grant funding, extending the quantitative analysis (using the Young Lives database) and to implement the qualitative study.