Our researchers at XXV CIES Annual Seminar 2014

As part as the seminar activities, GRADE and CIES held a thematic panel discussion on articulating poverty alleviation and productive development programmes.

América Latina hacia la inclusión social. Avances, aprendizajes y desafíos

This book is the first output of the Latin American Initiative for Public Policy Research (ILAIPP). It was released and discussed by GRADE and IEP on october 2014.

Economía del agua: conceptos y aplicaciones para una mejor gestión

Eduardo Zegarra's book was discussed on september 2014 at our institutional headquarters.

On the way to census 2017

We introduce the digital platform of "Nuevos dilemas en el análisis y seguimiento público de la desigualdad étnica en el Perú" project, carried out by GRADE and funded by Ford Foundation. This channel makes available academic resources and news related to an ethnic point of view in data public systems as surveys and census.

Inclusión Social: Diálogos entre la investigación y las políticas públicas

Studies presented by our researchers at the "Cambios Institucionales para un Estado más inclusivo" International Seminar, celebrated on July 2012.