Valdivia, Martín (2017). Understanding the Role of the Couple in Key Decisions and Actions of the Female Entrepreneur in Peru. En:  Martinez-Restrepo, Susana  y Laura Ramos-Jaimes (Eds). Measuring women’s economic empowerment: Lessons from South America. Springfield, VA: IDRC, Fedesarrollo.

For this study, the author analyzed two variants of the question about the extent to which women evidence agency: women’s participation in making key business decisions and men’s participation in carrying out household chores in urban Peru. The objective of the analysis was to understand in a better way the relationship between women entrepreneurs and their partners from the women’s point of view, especially concerning how both make business-related decisions and assume household chores as a result of an intervention to support small family businesses in Peru. The analysis suggests ways to survey more accurately the process of decision making and the role of the partner in the household context.