Máximo Torero Cullen (de licencia)

Senior Researcher
PhD in Economics - University of California, Los Angeles

Maximo received a PhD from the University of California at Los Angeles, Department of Economics and held a postdoctoral fellow position at the UCLA Institute for Social Science Research (ISSR). He is a professor on leave at the Universidad del Pacífico, and Alexander von Humboldt Fellow at University of Bonn, Germany.

Currently, he is the World Bank Group Executive Director for Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay. Prior to joining the Bank, he led the Division of the Markets, Trade, and Institutions Division at the International Food Policy Research Institute and the Global Research Program on Institutions and Infrastructure for Market Development and Director for Latin America. He has fifteen years of experience in applied research and in operational activities.

Maximo has won twice the World Award for Outstanding Research on Development given by the Global Development Network (GDN).