Carmen Ponce San Román

Associated Researcher
Master in Economics - University of Texas

Carmen Ponce has a Master’s Degree in Economics from the University of Texas in Austin, and a BA from the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru. She is an Associate Researcher at GRADE in the fields of poverty and equality, and rural development.

Over the last five years she has researched child poverty, rural territorial dynamics in the Peruvian Andes (a project carried out in 10 other countries across Latin America), the impacts of the Free Trade Agreement with the United States on the general welfare of rural Peruvian households, inequality of economic opportunities for indigenous populations in Peru, and migratory dynamics and poverty in Peru over the last 30 years.

She is currently a member of the Poverty Advisory Committee of the National Statistics and Information Institute (INEI). She has also been a member of the Board of the Permanent Seminar for Agricultural Research (SEPIA) and of the Sub-Committee of Indigenous Peoples and Peasant Communities of the Committee for the Prevention and Erradication of Child Labor (CPETI). Before beginning her work at GRADE, she worked as a project assistant at the national office of the Inter-American Development Bank where she monitored programs promoting income-generation amongst poor households.

She has been a lecturer at the Pacific University and at the National University Pedro Ruiz Gallo. Previously, she worked as a teacher’s assistant at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru and at the University of Texas.