[2015] ANDERSEN, Christopher T; REYNOLDS, Sarah A; BEHRMAN, Jere R; CROOKSTON; Benjamin T; DEARDEN; Kirk A; ESCOBAL, Javier; MANI, Subha; SÁNCHEZ, Alan; STEIN; Aryeh D y Lia CH FERNALD. “Participation in the Juntos Conditional Cash Transfer Program in Peru Is Associated with Changes in Child Anthropometric Status but Not Language Development or School Achievement”. En: The Journal of Nutrition, 145 (9)

It is unclear what effects a conditional cash transfer (CCT) program would have on child anthropometry, language development, or school achievement in the context of the nutrition transition experienced by many low- andmiddle-income countries. In this study the authors estimated the association of participation in Peru’s Juntos CCT with anthropometry, language development, and school achievement among children aged 7–8 y.