Cueto, Santiago; Renu Singh, Tassew Woldehanna y Le Thuc Duc (2016). Education trajectories in Ethiopia, India, Peru and Vietnam: from early childhood to early adulthood. Policiy Brief, 30, 1-8.

In this policy brief, the authors describe the educational trajectories of 12,000 children in total, across two cohorts: the Younger Cohort born around 1994 and the Older Cohort born around 2001, in Ethiopia, India, Peru and Vietnam. The data come from Young Lives household and school surveys conducted over the last 15 years. Researchers from each of these countries have a produced a report on the trajectories of these children since 2002, when we first started following them. Below, the authors integrate and summarise some of the main results, highlighting key messages and policy implications for each.