Sánchez, Alan y María Gracia Rodríguez (2016). Diez años JUNTOS: un balance de investigación del impacto del programa de transferencias condicionadas de Perú sobre capital humano. En GRADE. Investigación para el desarrollo en el Perú: once balances. Lima: GRADE.

Juntos is the Peruvian government’s conditional cash transfer program. In recent years, a number of impact evaluations have been carried out with the aim of measuring the effect of Juntos on its conditionalities (the use of health and education services), as well as on the human capital accumulated by the beneficiaries. This study seeks to revise and synthesize that academic literature specifically in the areas of health, nutrition, education, and child labor. The findings from the literature can be synthesized as follows: (i) the program has had an impact on the conditionalities and on food and education expenditure; (ii) it has had a positive impact on nutritional status, fundamentally by reducing severe stunting—but there are factors the mediate its impact, including the age of first exposure; (iii) there has not been a detectable impact on learning outcomes; (iv) the program has affected child labor, but the impact has not always been of a desirable nature. Based on these results, we generate a number of recommendations related mainly to potential synergies between Juntos and other social programs, and suggest avenues for future evaluations.