[2015] ESCOBAL, Javier y Carmen PONCE. “Combining social protection with economic opportunities in rural Peru: Haku Wiñay”. En: Policy in Focus. Brasilia: IPC-IG. Vol 32, pp. 22-25.

The authors assess the impact of the Haku Wiñay programme (Mi chacra emprendedora), an intervention that provides productive technical assistance and a small asset transfer to rural households in the districts that are also covered by the Juntos programme, Peru’s conditional cash transfer (CCT). Haku Wiñay focuses on the development of productive and entrepreneurial skills to help households strengthen their income generation capacities and diversify their livelihoods, as well as to enhance food security. Early findings from a pilot phase showed encouraging results, including a significant increase in total family income that is attributed to the intervention. There are also significant improvements in perceptions of well-being, financial literacy, nutritional and some health outcomes when comparing the treated group with a matched control group.