[2012] VALDIVIA, Martín y Juan José DÍAZ. “The Vulnerability of the Uninsured to Health Shocks in Peru”. EN: KNAUL, Felicia Marie; WONG, Rebeca y ARREOLA-ORNELAS, Héctor (editores). Financing Health in Latin America Household Spending and Impoverishment. Washington: Harvard Global Equity Initiative, Mexican Health Foundation, International Development Research Centre, IDRC, pp. 251-283.

Descargue la publicación completa desde la web de la Fundación Mexicana para la Salud (Funsalud).

“…Among the most serious challenges facing health systems in lower and middle income countries is establishing efficient, fair, and sustainable financing mechanisms that offer universal protection. Lack of financial protection forces families to suffer the burden not only of illness but also of economic ruin and impoverishment. In Latin America, financial protection for health continues to be segmented and fragmented; health is mainly financed through out-of-pocket payments.

The first part of a two-volume set, Financing Health in Latin America presents new and important insight into the crucial issue of financial protection in health systems.

The book analyzes the level and determinants of catastrophic health expenditures among households in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Peru, applying both descriptive and econometric analyses.

The results demonstrate that out-of-pocket health spending is pushing large segments of the population into impoverishment and that the poorest and most vulnerable segments of the population are most at risk of financial catastrophe…”