Development of a methodology to identify Indigenous Peoples for whom the Prior Consultation Act is applicable in the Peruvian Andes.

Areas : Ethnicity, gender and citizenship, Methodologies for research and evaluation of policy and programmes, Poverty and equality
Researcher/s in charge : Gerardo Damonte
Execution time:May 2013 - June 2013


The Project seeks to perform an analysis of the identification of indigenous peoples in the Andean region and its implications for the application of the Prior Consultation Act to use as contribution to define the agenda for the World Bank and the Ministry of Culture of Peru.  In particular, it provides the following:  a) Brief historical analysis on the definition/identification of indigenous and/or peasant for the Peruvian Andean region:  dominant vision and political, cultural and legal implications, b) Brief comparative analysis of the conceptual bases of the current indigenous policies in the Andean region, c) General Map of social actors and current discussion subjects about indigenous identification and the consultations law in Peru, and d) Identification of critical debate points, analytical gaps and possible public policy guidelines concerning prior consultation.