Spatial analysis of the adoption of agricultural technologies in Peru: a view from the 2012 Agricultural and Livestock Census

Areas : Rural development and agriculture, Employment, productivity and innovation
Researcher/s in charge : Javier Escobal
Execution time:July 2014


The purpose of this research is to identify the determining elements for the adoption of agricultural technologies as well as to identify the specific zones in the country that due to their characteristics might be given priority by a program of innovations diffusion in order to maximize the impact of the promotion policy for adoption of new technologies by small farmers. The program will estimate econometric profiles of the adoption rates of main technologies at different levels of spatial aggregation (SEAs, districts and eventually, province) as well as “global” and “local” spatial association indicators. The results will enable the drawing of maps to identify zones in the country where the multiplying effect of the adoption of the agricultural innovations program is higher.