Support for research and discussion on CENAGRO-based policies

Areas : Rural development and agriculture
Researcher/s in charge : Eduardo Zegarra, Javier Escobal, Ricardo Fort
Execution time:March 2014


GRADE received a donation from the International Fund for Agricultural Development Adaptation (IFAD) to extend the 2012 Agriculture and Livestock Census analysis and update the policy guidelines for rural poverty reduction in Peru.  The donation objectives are: a) expand the potentiality and restriction knowledge to improve poor people’s well-being in the rural zones; b) develop a conceptual framework to be used as basis for a strategy and an action plan for rural development and reduction of poverty in the Andean areas; and c) provide support in the research of key subjects for rural development.  Three lines of action were considered in order to achieve these objectives: (i) deepen and complement the information analysis collected by the 2012 Agricultural and Livestock Census; (ii) update the National Strategy for Rural Development (ENDR); and (iii) support the research associated to rural development.