David Szablowski

PhD in Law - York University

David Szablowski is an Assistant Professor of the Department of Social Science at York University. He teaches in the areas of globalization and the law, ethnographic approaches to human rights, legal pluralism and socio-legal studies. His research focuses on law and globalization; regulation and governance theory; transnational law; non-state regulation; global legal pluralism; extractive industries (oil, mining and gas projects); indigenous rights; Latin America; international financial institutions; multi-sited ethnography and fieldwork-based research in the global South. He is a founding member of the Extractive Industries Research Group (EIRG) at York, a network of researchers working on oil, mining and gas projects. He is the author of “Transnational Law and Local Struggles: Mining, Communities and the World Bank” (Hart Publishing, 2007). Professor Szablowski is currently engaged in a research project examining the operationalization of emerging transnational norms requiring informed consent or consultation for extractive industry development on indigenous territory. Professor Szablowski is appointed to the graduate programs in Socio-legal Studies and at Osgoode Hall Law School. He is a member of the Ontario bar.