Santiago Cueto will discuss research findings on visual acuity and children´s educational achievement in Peru, at the American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting

Date : 30/04/2017
Hour : 12:30 pm
Location:San Antonio, Texas
Area/s : Education and learning, Health and nutrition

Our Research Director and Coordinator of Young Lives Peru, Santiago Cueto, will be part of  the American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting (AERA), in San Antonio, Texas, on April 30rd to May 1st.

Cueto will discuss the research findings of the study Is visual acuity related with children´s educational achievement? Evidence from Peru, as part of the session Inclusion of Students With Disabilities in Primary Education in Countries of the Americas: The Experience of Brazil, Peru, and Costa Rica”, on Sunday, May 30rd at 12:30 p.m.

The study uses the data base of Young Lives Peru and it has been conducted together with our researchers, Javier Escobal and Juan León, Alejandra Miranda, and Mary Penny (Instituto de Investigación Nutricional).

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