Santiago Cueto was speaker at Fe y Alegría seminar “Education: what Rural Peru offers us”

Date : 10/11/2017
Location:Casa Hermasie Paget
Area/s : Education and learning

The rural worlds of Peru offer challenges and opportunities that encourage deliberation and the design of educational policies in the country. In this line, Fe y Alegria (Faith and Joy) held the First Seminar “Education: what rural Peru offers us”. The event brought together actors from several regions and fields of the State and Civil Society —researchers, educators and public agents— with the aim of discussing visions and proposals regarding rural education in Peru.

During the second day of the event, the Dialogue “Challenges and Agenda in Education and Rurality” was held, with the participation of Elena Burga (Ministry of Education)Javier Iguiñiz (National Agreement); and Santiago Cueto, Research Director at GRADE.