Hugo Ñopo will join ESAN University Forum: Education and preparation for the future

Date : 04/10/2017
Hour : 8:00 am - 12:45 pm
Location:Hotel Hilton (Av. la Paz 1099, Miraflores)
Area/s : Education and learning, Ethnicity, gender and citizenship

Our senior researcher, Hugo Ñopo, will be part of the ESAN University forum “Education and preparation for the future” (check out the agenda), to be held on Wednesday, October 4, at the Hilton Hotel. Hugo will be a speaker at the first panel that will address a gender equity approach.

Admission is free, previous registration here.

From the Forum web:

“Men and women face different forms of formal and informal institutions that rule life in society. There is a marked difference in access to the labour market, credit, property rights and assets that limit participation of women in the market.

For an economy to function in its full potential, it requires the participation of women in activities that develop and use the most productive of their abilities and talents. When women do not have the opportunity to complete their education, to specialize in certain occupations and earn the same wages as men, as a result of gender discrimination, the country does not develop its full economic potential”.