Hugo Ñopo will join an international forum on poverty and inequality in Mexico

Date : 28/03/2017 → 29/03/2017
Hour : 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Location:Auditorio-Gimnasio Ignacio Ellacuría, SJ, Universidad Iberoaméricana de Puebla, México
Area/s : Poverty and equality

In order to to discuss the reasons for the failure of social policies to fight poverty and inequality in Mexico, as well as to glimpse promising horizons in public policy to change this reality, the Social Sciences Department of the Ibero-American University Puebla will held the international forum Why poverty and inequality persist in Mexico? International perspectives and public policy recommendations, on March 28- 29, in Puebla City, Mexico.

On Tuesday, 28 March, our senior researcher, Hugo Ñopo, will join the second panel of the forum, Why does poverty and inequality decrease in other countries? Ñopo will discuss Peru’s experience in reducing poverty and inequality.

>>Full agenda (in Spanish) here.