Cuzco: Javier Escobal and Hugo Ñopo join MIDIS 5th Social Inclusion Week

Date : 21/10/2016
Hour : 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Location:Centro de Convenciones de la Municipalidad Provincial de Cusco
Area/s : Methodologies for research and evaluation of policy and programmes, Poverty and equality

The development and social inclusion policy promoted by the Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion (MIDIS) sets a life cycle approach, which responds to the need to generate flexible and adaptable models to raise the quality of life and reduce the risk conditions that households face in a changing context. Through its Inter-Ministerial Social Affairs Board, MIDIS promotes agreements to define flagship goals for social sector interventions. In this context, MIDIS held the 5th Social Inclusion Week “Challenges and opportunities for inclusion and productive development in urban and rural fields”, from 17 to 21 October , in Cusco city.

Our senior researchers and members of the Advisory Committee of MIDIS, Javier Escobal and Hugo Ñopo, join the main session of the event. Escobal discussed the “Evaluation of productive programs for decreasing rural poverty: the case of Haku Wiñay”, while Ñopo was part of the “Decreasing urban poverty: building well-being stairs” panel.